Member Spotlight: Bison Organic Beer

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About Bison Organic Beer

Founded in 1989, Bison is more than a beer—it’s a movement. We aim to lead by example, educating that one need not suffer to be green; consumers can “B the Change” supporting a sustainable economy with their consumer dollar.

Bison brews organic beer with a twist. Balanced and drinkable, we want customers to think, “It is a pleasure to have one more.” We are creating an enduring company with growing value by communicating our vision with passion and training and trusting our employees.

Our Organic Beers

Bison’s 3 year-round organic beers include:

  • Hop Cuvée—a West Coast Ale brewed with a blend of the season’s best organic hops.
  • Chocolate Stout—the original Chocolate Stout brewed with organic Peruvian cocoa.
  • Honey Basil Ale—beer brewed with organic honey and fresh organic whole leaf basil.
Why you support organic hops and the AOHGA

When organic barley and hops became available, Bison’s owner and brewmaster, Daniel Del Grande decided to convert his business to be in sync with his beliefs.  Upon receiving organic certification in 2003, Bison became one of the first fully organic breweries in the world.  Like our brewmaster, Bison’s small staff believes that sustainable and ecologically sound food production is the best way to protect our environment, save energy and ensure the sustainability of American farming.

All of Bison’s beers are organic, not just one or two labels to make us feel good about ourselves and bluster about our green credentials.  We think it is absolutely crucial for the health and longevity of our business--and the planet--to work closely with our organic hop farmers and the AOHGA. Bison works with the AOHGA to increase demand and sales of organic hops and organic beer, further reducing our carbon footprint, the carbon footprint of our customers and improving the health of our planet by supporting sustainable organic agricultural techniques.

Hop Cuvée

Inspired by recent advancements in organic hop farming and the availability of new organic varietals, Bison released a new year-round beer this spring called Hop Cuvée—a West Coast Ale brewed with a blend of the season’s best organic hops.

The hop blend in Hop Cuvée will change every year, like a vintage, to reflect the best crops that our organic hop farmers have to offer. The 2013 Hop Cuvée recipe includes Citra® and Simcoe, two new and exciting organic hop varietals not previously available as certified organic, as well the classic Centennial hop. This year’s hops were grown by Carpenter Ranches, Perrault Farms and Roy Farms—three family-owned farms in Yakima Valley, WA.

Like California sunshine in a bottle, Hop Cuvée radiates a golden hue with brilliant clarity and bright effervescence.  It is a crisp, citrusy and tropical ale with a touch of pine-like bitterness and a clean, dry finish. Refreshing and sessionable, Hop Cuvée satisfies both hop lovers and craft beer newbies.  (5.5% abv | 45 IBUS).

AOHGA Member Spotlight: Bison Organic Beer
AOHGA Member Spotlight: Bison Organic Beer