Member Spotlight: Wolaver's Fine Organic Ales

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Otter Creek Brewing is one of the larger brewing companies within Vermont. This brewery purchased The Shed Brewery from Stowe, VT and Wolaver's Fine Organic Ales (USDA Certified Organic). Wolaver's was based out of California and the brand sold very well within Vermont, so in 1997 the two companies merged. Now, Wolaver's is produced alongside other Otter Creek beer keeping the tradition of using local and organic ingredients.

In 1997, Wolaver’s became the first USDA-certified organic brewer. At first a satellite brewery, Vermont’s organic lifestyle fit the product that was envisioned, so Otter Creek and Wolaver’s merged. The brewers worked with the organic barley and farmers in the area, and together they created an “organic beer market.” Since 2002, all Wolaver’s Organic and Otter Creek Ales have been brewed in Middlebury, Vermont.

In 2010, we expanded our brewery to meet the increasing demand for our beer while capturing energy efficiencies and maintaining Otter Creek and Wolaver’s award winning commitment to taste and quality. As Mike Gerhart, Brewmaster puts it, “You don’t have to compromise your passion for great beer, in order to promote sound environmental practices. We prove that every day, here at Otter Creek Brewery.”

Our current distribution is in the following states CT, DC, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VA, or VT.

Why organic? The barley, wheat, and hops in our beers are certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers, meaning they were grown without using synthetic chemicals, pesticides, or genetic engineering. Using agro-chemicals not only pollutes our water and poses health risks, it also sterilizes the soil. We are proud to use ingredients that have been grown responsibly, with consideration for future generations- and more beers down the road! Why Wolaver's? We buy local ingredients whenever possible. Our brewery uses biodiesel and a free-air cooling system to minimize our impact on the environment. We support sustainable farming and living. Our beers are delicious, fine quality craft beers and we have a wide range of flavors and styles.

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AOHGA Member Spotlight: Wolaver's Fine Organic Ales
AOHGA Member Spotlight: Wolaver's Fine Organic Ales