Member Spotlight: Seven Bridges Cooperative

Member SpotlightMember Spotlight

In 1997, Seven Bridges opened its doors as the only certified organic homebrew supply shop in the country. Taking our first steps on a shoestring budget, we have distinguished our cooperative by our affinity for organics. Today, we operate a flourishing local shop in our home town of Santa Cruz, California. Many of our staff double as professional brewers around town, positioning us at the hub of our brewing community.

Transcending our local focus, our passion for the craft has catalyzed our service to brewers across the nation. By way of our online mail order business we have been able to extend our high standards for quality organic ingredients to customers far and wide. Most types of malts, hops, sugars, adjuncts, and even Irish Moss are available organically, and we do our best to carry a wide variety of the available products. Seven Bridges also designs and produces our own line of organic beer kits, including a new recipe for a gluten-free homebrew. On a larger scale we also provide hops and malts to breweries in the United States and Canada (including 2 organic breweries right here in Santa Cruz) who share our dedication to organics. In this way we advance the craft of organic beer.

Politically we have advocated for the mandatory use of organic hops in organic beer. Until recently breweries have been permitted to use non-organic hops in their certified organic beer. Speaking alongside organic farmers at two USDA meetings in 2010, a representative from Seven Bridges helped defend organic beer against non-organic hops. Partly as a result of this tireless lobbying, beginning in 2013, certified organic beer must be brewed with organic hops.

With pride, we remain the only certified all-organic home brew supply shop in the country. From the onset we have always focused on selling exclusively organic products and will continue to do so for the sake of humanity and our environment. Great beer starts with great ingredients, and our passionate staff uses these resources along with their knowledge to continue to promote outstanding organic products.

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